Remember Andrew Lohse, the Dartmouth frat boy who decided to go to war with Dartmouth frat boys over Dartmouth’s fratty culture?

The complicated and ultimately rather sordid tale has been published in Rolling Stone, written by Janet Reitman.

It’s really rather complicated to summarize completely so check out the story for yourself.

Two things, however, are clear:

1) Dartmouth is an odd, anachronistic, booze-soaked, and rather cruel place, even for an Ivy.

2) Andrew Lohse really has some problems. In the words of J.K Trotter at Ivy Gate, Reitman lets the reader know he’s “a violent, pretentious, alcoholic, mentally ill, status-anxious, back-stabbing drug addict.”

Incidentally, Lohse’s pledge name at Sigma Alpha Epsilon “in honor of his aggressive social climbing,” was Regina, after the character in Mean Girls:

Read the article here.

Daniel Luzer

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