Dartmouth College, in the midst of the positive news about its president being named by President Barack Obama to head the World Bank, is still somewhat awkwardly dealing with a hazing scandal.

There’s no specific legal problem and no one is actually accusing any one person or institution of actually hazing a real person but, thanks to allegations by one student, and a March article in Rolling Stone, people are now talking about hazing at Dartmouth, which is a little uncomfortable for the school, if not really that much of a surprise.

But now, apparently, Dartmouth student Travis Blalock ’12 is here to help. For $10 he promises parents that he will,

walk with you around campus to show where major hazing practices occur and which areas you should avoid. As with any tour, questions are welcome throughout the event and you should feel free to inquire about certain groups in which your child is interested.

Blalock is “in the exploratory stages of developing a hazing simulation for… tours.”

That one is sure to be in high demand.

[H/T Ivy Gate]

[Image (yea I have no idea what that is but it sure looks like hazing, doesn’t it?) via]

Daniel Luzer

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