Wonder why? The Discovery Channel recently ran an hour-long documentary on the Costa Concordia disaster <more>

A ray of hope “Fewer graduates of elite Ivy League schools are choosing careers in finance,” reported the New York Times recently <more>

“It’s a great idea, but …” As a veteran observer of clever bureaucrats, I have come to admire a tactic often employed by the secretary of the treasury, Timothy Geithner <more>

When the 800-pound gorilla speaks … You may recall the firing of Shirley Sherrod <more>

Block the vote If you have doubted that the efforts of Republican state legislators to suppress minority voting are succeeding, ponder this news <more>

Can you believe it? Politico seems to have actually succeeded in shaming a K Street firm into dropping a valuable client <more>

Land o’ Likes As you may recall, I am not a fan of Facebook, fearing it has become a major encourager of self-involvement <more>

Cashing in by going public The sponsors of the new JOBS Act seem to have assumed that encouraging IPOs will help small businesses in their struggle to survive <more>

Under the radar The latest example of White House inattentiveness comes courtesy of the General Services Administration <more>

A bad argument The New York Review of Books seems to have embraced Diane Ravitch’s campaign against public school reform <more>

Koch d’etat The Koch brothers, you may have heard, have tried to oust the leadership of the CATO Institute <more>

Michael ♥ Lloyd If you were one of those liberals flirting with the notion of a third party headed by Michael Bloomberg, consider this recent headline from the New York Times <more>

Pick your poison One error that some school reformers make is to place too much emphasis on testing <more>

Never look a gift exposé in the mouth If you wonder why I beat the drum so constantly for better media coverage of government, here’s a quote from Robert Gates about his time at the Pentagon <more>

The great “Great Divergence” As we all know, income inequality in this country has been growing for a long time <more>

Missing in action In all the coverage of the shooting rampage by the soldier in Afghanistan, and the role that his repeated deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan may have played in it <more>

The liberal Republicanosaurus For those too young to recall that there were once more than one or two liberal Republicans, I can assure that they actually existed in considerably greater number <more>

A challenge for the media For all his faults, Barack Obama is obviously the best presidential candidate <more>

Charles Peters

Charles Peters is the founding editor of the Washington Monthly.