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1. Ezra Klein explains why neither Romney nor Obama want to talk about Romney’s time as governor of Massachusetts.

2. Michael Kinsley explains what he found on a junket to China.

3. Keith Humphreys gets slightly cranky about the lights and animation in a David Frum video. I thought it was pretty good! He would have apparently preferred a PowerPoint presentation (I jest, of course).

4. John Sides and Jonathan Bernstein take a look at what we can infer from the apparent massive swing on marriage equality among African-Americans. Rather unusual set of circumstances, it seems.

5. From our latest issue, read about the angler and two bureaucrats who may have saved the Atlantic ecosystem, and about the Univision anchor who just might decide the 2012 election.

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Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper is national correspondent for the Week, and a former web editor for the Washington Monthly.