Time for a break! In case you’re leaving soon on vacation for the Memorial Day weekend, have a lovely holiday. Mr. Kilgore should be back in the saddle come Monday. For now, here are some links from around the web, chosen by carefully crafted algorithms (as in, if I don’t close some tabs on Chrome, I’m going to crash the internet).

1. The term “jaywalker” was coined by the auto industry to distract people from their then-horribly dangerous machines.

2. Behind the scenes during JPMorgan’s huge loss. What is up to now, $3 billion? I hope someone’s keeping track.

3. DIY weather ballooners get an awesome shot of the annular eclipse from 90,000 feet.

4. PG Wodehouse random quote generator. I could play with that thing all day.

5. Lovely profile of George Romney in New York Magazine. A surprisingly sympathetic character.

6. Very interesting review of what sounds like a good documentary on the obesity crisis.

7. Over at the College Guide, Daniel Luzer discovers a strange case of a man paying off his student loan with a duffel bag full of cash.

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