Well folks, that’s it for me. Thanks for reading and commenting. This was the first time I’ve ever guest-hosted at such a big place, and though I was super nervous at the start, it seemed to go reasonably well. I hope I wasn’t too big a letdown for people expecting their Kilgore fix. You can keep up with me back at my own place and on Twitter. Here are some weekend reads:

1. A beautiful meditation on plywood. Wow.

2. President Obama apparently had some strange pot-smoking rituals. It would be funny if it weren’t for the arrests, SWAT raids on medical marijuana dispensaries and so forth.

3. ICYMI: adorable story about a five-year-old and the President’s hair.

4. A guide to Eurobonds. The time for those to work is running out fast.

5. Jon Lovett discovers what’s wrong with Washington.

6. The conservative blogger Patterico was apparently subjected to some horribly dangerous, terroristic harassment. As Radley Balko says, disagreements aside, the people responsible “need to be arrested and charged with about a dozen different crimes.”

Finally, if you’re sick and tired of Meet The Press and other insipid weekend TV, MSNBC has some exceptionally fine weekend programming, in the form of Up With Chris Hayes, and the MHP show. Tune in starting at 8.

Mr. Kilgore will hopefully be back next week; your weekend blogger will be Adele Stan. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

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