So the big headline news last night was Scott Walker’s disappointing win in the recall election, though the Dems appear to have taken the Wisconsin Senate.

But there were several other results worth noting. First, one Shmuley Boteach, a Rabbi, sex therapist, and former “spiritual adviser” to Michael Jackson, won the GOP primary for New Jersey’s 9th Congressional District. In that same district, sitting Democratic Rep. Rep. Bill Pascrell won a primary battle with another Rep., Steve Rothman (their districts were combined due to redistricting).

In a similar primary between two sitting Democratic Reps in California (also forced together), Brad Sherman beat Howard Berman, though because in California to top two candidates proceed regardless of party, they’ll just face each other again in the general election. Also in California Democrat Pete Aguilar was barely edged out of the general election for the 31st Congressional District due to vote-splitting keeping him out of the top two finishers. Orly Taiz was edged out to run against Dianne Feinstein, though she says that Ryan Reilly’s TPM report was “surprisingly decent.”

The California term limits initiative passed, while the tax on cigarettes to fund cancer research is still too close to call.

Here are reactions from John Nichols, Greg Sargent, and Jonathan Chait.

Did I miss anything big?

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