(This picture is from our 2004 cover story on Barack Obama, via Daniel Luzer at our College Guide blog.) Two things: first, we’re still doing our pledge drive. To quote from a previous appeal:

But even though other magazines, newspapers, and Web sites are cutting back their coverage or shutting their doors altogether, we’re still here in our cluttered little downtown DC office, still committed to providing—in print and on the Web—the cutting-edge reporting and analysis the country needs now more than ever.

And now more than ever we need your support. Like other nonprofits such as public television and radio, we depend on the generous support of our readers and other donors. We’ve never charged for access to our blogs, our online College Guide and feature stories, and we don’t intend to. Won’t you help keep our handful of plucky young writers and editors telling stories about what really matters in Washington?

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Second, we’ve got a video up of the event we held at the New America Foundation, which was on our recent story about the rapidly-approaching wave of education reform. Read the special section here, and in case you missed the livestream, the video is below.

YouTube video

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