Evening Links

That’s it for now, folks! I hope everyone has a good weekend. Personally, I’ve got a few of Jim Fallows’ favorite beer to look forward to. Until tomorrow, enjoy some content scraped and filtered from around the web:

1. Suicides are surging among US troops.

2. Time to start saying it: Ben Bernanke is behaving evilly.

3. The German Finance Minister is insane.

4. The JOBS Act (not the one proposed by President Obama, the one about deregulating IPOs) looks pretty shady.

5. Brad DeLong gets phished. Careful out there…

6. Not all voters’ self-interests are economic. This is something Ta-Nehisi Coates says all the time.

Finally, some outro jams:


Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper is national correspondent for the Week, and a former web editor for the Washington Monthly.