Probably the most stress-inducing sentence I’ve ever read comes from the Boston Globe, in an interview with Paul Krugman:

BOOKS: What do you read for work?

KRUGMAN: I start each morning with The New York Times, The Financial Times, some financial news sites, and a select list of economic blogs. They have really flourished. The economic disaster has been really good for analysis.

BOOKS: Which of those blogs would you recommend for a general reader?

KRUGMAN: The Economist’s View, a blog that is really an omnibus with a lot of selections worth reading. The Washington Monthly’s blog is a good way to keep your finger on what’s happening.

I imagine that’s like guest writing for a little hip-hop blog and finding out that Jay-Z reads your stuff. Tachycardia time!

But we must be doing something right (and by we I mean the Monthly editors, and Ed Kilgore, and Steve Benen before him, and Kevin Drum before him). Will you kick in a few bucks to help us stick around?

Ryan Cooper

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