Jenna Pizzi of The Times of Trenton reports that Tina Fey will play a Princeton admissions officer in an upcoming movie:

Scenes for the movie “Admission,” in which Fey, of “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock,” will play a Princeton University admissions officer, will be filmed near campus on July 2 and 3, borough administrator Robert Bruschi said.

Fey will play Portia Nathan, a by-the-books admissions officer. Nathan’s boyfriend leaves her, and she is drawn to a director of a private high school named John, played by [Paul] Rudd, as well as his adopted son from Uganda and John’s brilliant student Jeremiah.

Yes, and apparently the twist is that:

Nathan’s character learns that Jeremiah might be the child she gave up for adoption 17 years earlier, and she is determined to get him admitted to Princeton “at any cost.”

Thankfully, this is a comedy, so this ridiculous plot line might actually work.

“Admission” is based on a 2009 book with the same name written by Jean Hanff Korelitz.

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