Lunch Buffet

Don’t know about you, but my lunch plans include a Ritz cracker or two in honor of Andy Griffith, who died today.

Otherwise, the news pickings are slim:

* Dave Weigel notes that the Luntz phrase “patient-centered care” has popped back up into Republican discussions of their own health care policies.

* Chris Christie, probably detecting need for groundswell from his media fans, breaks rules by announcing availability for Veep gig.

* Anticipation building early for Friday’s June Jobs Report, expected to be relatively sour.

* Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh disparages war record of opponent Tammy Duckworth, Iraq war vet and double amputee. Salon‘s Joan Walsh (presumably no relation) calls him “America’s most offensive congressman.”

* Greg Sargent evaluates trajectory and purpose of Obama campaign’s Bain ads.

And in non-political news:

* Analysts mull decline and probable fall of the BlackBerry.

Back to regular blogging shortly, but first a brief stroll down memory lane:

Ed Kilgore

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