Video from Washington Monthly and New America event,
“Jobs Are Not Enough”

Introduction: Jobs Are Not Enough

By Paul Glastris and Phillip Longman

The Hole in the Bucket

Americans obsessed over personal finance during the last forty years as never before. So how come so many of us wound up broke? Here’s the little-known story. By Phillip Longman

Too Important to Fail

Predatory lending still poses a systemic risk to the economy. Will Obama’s new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau succeed in taming it, or will the agency be strangled in its crib? By John Gravois

How to Save Our Kids From Poverty in Old Age

The case for American Stakeholder Accounts. By Phillip Longman

The Slow-Motion Collapse of American Entrepreneurship

The experts tell us new business start-ups will save the American economy. So how come there are fewer and fewer of them? By Barry C. Lynn and Lina Khan

The “Assets Effect”

New research shows that having even a small nest egg of their own helps kids from modest backgrounds work harder to get to ahead. By Dana Goldstein

The Assets Between Your Ears

The new movement to give college credit for the things you already know. By Kevin Carey

Rooftop Revenue

Government helps big corporations make billions off green energy. How about cutting the average family in on the deal? By Anya Schoolman


The Internet is enabling more and more Americans to leverage their biggest asset, their home, by renting rooms to travelers. So why are local governments trying to shut them down? By Blake Fleetwood

No Place Like Home

An innovative foster care program for disabled vets points the way to solving two of the nation’s greatest challenges at the same time. By John Gravois

Michael Sheradden’s Compounding Interest

Two decades ago an obscure academic revolutionized thinking about poverty. Now his insights might just save the middle class. By Mark Schmitt

The Asset Agenda

Signature policy ideas for building the wealth of ordinary Americans. By Reid Cramer