That’s it for today, folks. As always, thanks for reading and commenting. Here are some links from around the web:

1. So that’s why DC escalators are always so crappy. Sigh…

2. RIP R. Peter Straus, a radio pioneer and father of our world-class publisher Diane Straus Tucker. Send some positive karmic vibrations her way.

3. Is Dick Morris the world’s worst pundit? Some stiff competition for that particular honor.

4. Romney Anti-Tax-Wonk Jihad Continues, by Jon Chait.

5. Good Wired profile of the guy behind Kaspersky Labs.

6. Apparently there is a ballot initiative in Oregon claiming that marijuana prohibition violates the Bible and religious freedom. There’s some theology I could get behind.

7. Minjae Park reports that some schools are freezing their tuition.

Anything else I missed?


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