While I catch a quick lunch, here are some choice tidbits from around the web:

1. Conor Friedersdorf tries on calling out political ad lies for what they are, and boy it feels pretty good. Preach, brother!

2. A physicist recounts the increasingly extreme measures the body undergoes to survive above 26,000 feet.

3. “At 9:30 in the morning, an architect and three senior scientists—two from Stanford, the other from Hewlett-Packard—donned eyeshades and earphones, sank into comfy couches, and waited for their government-approved dose of LSD to kick in.

4. Brad DeLong masterfully dissects the latest colossally hackish white paper from Mitt Romney’s economic advisers.

5. NPR ranks the top 100 teen novels. Some good ones, and several I haven’t heard of. Any underappreciated gems in there?

6. The story of a goldbug who created his own remarkably successful currency. Irrational faith can go a long way when it comes to money.

7. John Sides looks into what really happened in the 1980 campaign.

Am I missing anything?

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