Have you ever wondered what a hard-core, Bible-thumping, Tenth Amendment Tea Partisan would produce as legislation if he got really, really stoned first? Actually, neither had I. But then I found out by reading the text of Oregon’s proposed Measure 80, one of three marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballot this fall. (Colorado and Washington have much more serious proposals up.)

Here’s my favorite passage:

Whereas the people hold that cannabis prohibition is a sumptuary law of a nature repugnant to our constitution’s framers and which is so unreasonable and liberticidal as to ….

…. (c) Unnecessarily proscribe consumption of a “herb bearing seed” given to humanity in Genesis 1:29, thereby violating their unqualified religious rights under Article 1, Section 3 and their Natural Rights under Article 1, Section 33 of the Oregon Constitution.

Yep. You read that right. Oregonians are being asked to write into their state’s statute book the idea that marijuana legalization is mandated by the Bible. The proposal also provides that the legal cannabis industry is to be regulated by a seven-member commission, with five of the seven elected by the licensed cannabis growers and processors.

The whole thing is worth reading; it’s superb, in a Firesign Theater sort of way.

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Mark Kleiman

Mark Kleiman is a professor of public policy at the New York University Marron Institute.