Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post has advice for how Mitt Romney can turn his struggling campaign around. Apparently Romney isn’t talking too long to weigh in on major issues and not using the right surrogates. She suggests he needs “John Bolton on foreign policy. New Gingrich on radical jihadism. Paul Ryan on anything. John Sununu on Obama criticism. ”

It is strange enough that the lesson anyone can draw from Romney’s botched response to the events in North Africa this week is that the communications shop in Boston is being too deliberate. But even more peculiar is suggesting that Romney needs to rely more on Newt Gingrich, John Bolton and John Sununu to appeal to voters.

Although all three make very colorful copy for reporters, they are not exactly the most appealing surrogates to attract swing voters. After all, the charm of Newt Gingrich pontificating or John Sununu shouting tends to be an acquired taste. Romney definitely needs to do a better job getting his message out. After all, this is a candidate whose press shop is best known for cursing at reporters. But the best way to do it probably isn’t to unleash Sununu.

Ben Jacobs

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