. . . And certainly among the very worst of its kind since Congress, in its infinite wisdom, decided to rename DC’s National Airport after Ronald Reagan. A campaign is underway to put up a bust of the notorious misogynist, Iraq War blowhard, and, as George Galloway so memorably described him, “drink-sodden ex-Trotskyist popinjay” Christopher Hitchens in London’s Red Lion Square. (H/T: Erik Loomis).

This is on a par with the awesome decision of Houston’s city fathers to rename the Astros’ home stadium as Enron Fields. Fortunately, Labour Party city officials are strongly resisting the move. It’s good to know the Labour Party is good for something, at least! And I’ve got to hand it to them, the Brits do know their way around the velvet-gloved insult. Here’s council representative Julian Fulbrook, responding to an argument in favor of the Hitchens statue:

I also rather doubt that, in the long and possibly cruel march of history, any sort of case could be made out for Christopher Hitchens, even sporting his Third Class Honours degree from Oxford, as in your words, “one of the world’s greatest minds.”

Harsh bong! — especially with that withering reference to “Third Class Honours.”

Various atheist groups are petitioning the city to erect the statue, which I’m adding to the list of reasons why I don’t have a whole lot of respect for organized atheism. Here’s another reason why I find the so-called “skeptics”/atheist “community” to be problematic.

Kathleen Geier

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