That’s it for me for today, folks. Kathleen Geier will be your weekend blogger. As always, thanks for reading and commenting. Here are some tidbits from around the web:

1. We’re still doing our fundraiser, please consider a donation! If you’ve already donated, you have my sincere thanks.

2. Matt Taibbi finds some a hilarious deposition of Glenn Hubbard, the hack economist for sale.

3. David Dayen’s final substantive post.

4. Paul Waldman responds to my post from earlier, taking a shot at explaining why Boehner is so weak. (I’m not Ed, by the way, though that is a flattering mistake.)

5. If we don’t pass a farm bill, milk prices could hit $6-8 per gallon.

6. John Kerry officially nominated for Secretary of State.

Finally, Hank Green explains that while toilet seats are cleaner than your sponges and cutting boards, you shouldn’t get too worried about it:



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