Late last night, Scott Brown indicated that he will run in the special election set to take place if John Kerry is confirmed as Secretary of State — an outcome that’s expected, given the cordial nature of Kerry’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee earlier this week.

At 9 p.m. on Friday night, Brown tweeted a simple “Yes. Get ready” — a cryptic message that could have been interpreted as zeal for the salvaged NHL season had it occurred at the same time last week.

But given the facts that Kerry’s hearing occurred the day before and that Brown comfortably defeated presumed Democratic nominee Ed Markey in a poll released that morning, it’s difficult to construe his exhortation as anything but a declaration of intent to run.

Then Brown didn’t necessarily do himself any favors by issuing an impromptu statement aimed at detractors.

Bqhatevwr,” he tweeted 46 minutes after midnight. As of publication, that was retweeted 1,367 times (his”get ready” tweet was only retweeted 84 times).

A minute later he clarified that he actually meant “Whatever,” then directed a sarcastic barb at a naysayer named Matt.

Your [sic] brilliant Matt” he exclaimed.

The tweets haven’t been deleted.

Welcome back to politics, Sen. Brown.

UPDATE: Brown has deleted the “Bqhatevwr”, “Whatever,” and “Your brilliant Matt” tweets. Bqhatevwr, Sen. Brown. We didn’t think they were that funny, anyway. Chuck Grassley, you aren’t.

Samuel Knight

Samuel Knight is a freelance journalist living in DC and a former intern at the Washington Monthly.