Thinking about two major stories, the court decision to eliminate the recess appointment power and the plot to rig the electoral college…

It strikes me that there’s a major unexploited market out there in Crazy Land: an argument for why only the House of Representatives, and not the president or the Senate, is really a legitimate democratic institution.

It’s really not even that hard to make, although it needs to dive far off the deep end when you get to the part about consequences (which presumably entail everyone having to do whatever it is the House wants). After all, it doesn’t take much creativity at all to argue that the Senate is a democratic eyesore. And while the presidency is a bit harder to take down, any conservative hack worth his Regnery contract, Heritage desk, and guess slots on Fox news should certainly be capable of doing it. And from that, it pretty much all follows that unchallenged government by the majority of the majority party in the House is pretty much what God revealed to the Founders in Philadelphia. Of course, that’s also why Democratic-leaning states should apportion their electoral votes by House district, and why direct election of Senators is a bad idea, and Benghazi and Fast and Furious and the rest of it, too.

So, hop to it, conservative hacks! The easy marks you prey on are just waiting to put this one on the best-seller lists.

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Jonathan Bernstein

Jonathan Bernstein is a political scientist who writes about American politics, especially the presidency, Congress, parties, and elections.