“Fix The Debt” – the astroturf, defense contractor-linked lobbying group seizing upon the manufactured debt crisis to ram through a corporate agenda at the expense of everyone else – is asking Americans to share stories about how the national debt is affecting them.

No, really:

Why is it so important that we Fix the Debt? Why does it matter to your family? To your business? To our country? to YOU?

Our leaders in Washington need to hear from each of us. We need them to know that inaction is NOT an option. We must Fix the Debt.

You couldn’t make it up.

It’s likely that the majority of responses they are receiving are either full of: A) false generalizations about a “spending problem”; B) speculation about the future of Medicare and Social Security under the assumption that rich tax-dodgers can’t do any more or that the government shouldn’t negotiate with drug companies ripping it off; or C) good old incoherent right wing rambling.

American families aren’t feeling that “We must Fix the Debt” through the only way that government borrowing would affect them – higher real interest rates.

So why not send “Fix the Debt” stories about how influential right wing oligarchs pressuring Congress into “Fixing the Debt” is affecting American families? Tell them stories about layoffs and the misery sequestration has wrought. Tell them how you’re worried that Congress’ refusal to raise taxes on those that can afford it is bankrupting American society. Feel free to bombard them with messages. Email me or post what you had to say to them in the comments section, and I’ll publish the best examples of how “Fixing the Debt” has affected you.

Here’s what I sent them:

Please stop your vapid campaign. Obviously your corporate donors can afford to pay more taxes if they can afford this astroturf nonsense. You want to know how the debt is affecting me? Through your selfish, greedy, parasitic efforts to “Fix” it. Just pay for a society that has allowed you to flourish. I know people in academia who have been told that federal grants for their rather important research has been cut off thanks to your right-wing subterfuge. That’s how it’s affecting me. People around me losing their funding so rent-seekers can continue to pay low rates on their unearned investment income. What you’re doing is essentially preventing us from investing in our future. Stop pretending like there’s a debt crisis to ram your libertarian agenda through Washington by threatening to primary Republican Congressman corrupt enough to push your snake oil. Enough.

Have fun.

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Samuel Knight is a freelance journalist living in DC and a former intern at the Washington Monthly.