Heeding my call to bombard their inbox, WaMo commenters have stuck it to “Fix The Debt.”

Frequent commenter “c u n d gulag” unleashed a “massive word turd” on them. Here are some glorious excerpts:

how does the debt you’re talking about effect me?

Well, it effects me because people like you folks, at your corporate-funded, astroturf, “Fix the Debt” organization, who can afford to pay a hell of a lot more in taxes, aren’t.

But are, instead, spending your excess wealth paying off Congresspeople and Senators to not have a large enough stimulus, or a number of them, to fix unemployent, which will do more to “FIX any debt’ we have than cutting EARNED BENEFITS (aka: “entitlements, as you sociopaths call them) ever will – while at the same time, you folks are spending your excess wealth working to bamboozle the American public about the debt, which is not, repeat, NOT, life, or future, threatening.

Fix the Debt” is the best evidence I’ve seen yet for why we need to go back to, if not to Ike-like tax levels on upper income…You people are parasites (with apologies to actual parasites – many of which do more good, than bad).

As I said earlier, you rich sociopaths need to be taxed at a much, much higher level.

Never have so few, with so much, been asked for less.

And still, you want more.

Elisabeth wrote the following:

I want the US legislature — and individual state legislatures — to increase taxes on the rich — that may even include me, since we have an income larger than the US average. There IS enough money to do what we need to do in the US — without cutting funding to important programs. We DON’T need to cut spending, we need to increase revenues, and among the ways to do that is to end sweetheart tax deals for businesses and raise the taxes paid by “the rich.”

Here’s Rick Massimo’s take:

Well, since you’ve utterly failed to convince the actual American public of the need for your fake, tax-dodging, society-destroying campaign and are soliciting “real” stories in the hopes that you can get some Real Americans to mouth the lies you’ve been spewing for the past year, I figured I’d let you know you’re not fooling me.

You are all CEOs, mostly of companies with billions of dollars of defense contracts. Not one of you has suggested that you yourselves should pay anything approaching the tax rates your crowd paid while the American economy was becoming the strongest in world history, with a standard of living envied the world over.

That’s the only way we’re going to fix this problem (if it even needs to be fixed, and there’s a pretty good debate going on about that). But you don’t really care about that. All you care about is lowering your own taxes and destroying Social Security and Medicare to do it. You are the intellectual (I use the term very loosely) descendents of the people who tried to stand in the way of the very progress the country made in the 20th century.

Your taxes have been cut in half over the past 30 years, and the government is out of money. Pretty simple solution – which is why your group smears lies in the hope of obscuring that.

You’ve got enough money to fill the airwaves and fool a lot of people, particularly those in the bought-and-paid-for media. But you’re not fooling the real American public, particularly not me.

Fantastic. Reading these has been the highlight of my day.

I know readers can check out these in the comments section of the original post. But I will continue to republish them as they come in.

Anything to encourage people to flood those AstroSlugs’ inbox.

Samuel Knight

Samuel Knight is a freelance journalist living in DC and a former intern at the Washington Monthly.