The University of Massachusetts system, responding to a state audit that found its adjunct professors were becoming too expensive due to health insurance requirements imposed by Obamacare, has announced a new plan to eliminate all adjuncts.

From now on, according to UMass President Robert Garet, juniors and seniors will teach introductory lecture classes designed for freshmen. The plan, known as “Teach Yourself College,” will save the system $30 million a year. TYC can work, according to Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor John Farmling, because:

I mean, I was teaching my sister to read when I was eight. It’s not like I needed to have some special knowledge of pedagogy or advanced intellectual theories to teach the basics. You just need to read a chapter ahead. What do you really need to teach 4th grade beyond finishing 5th grade?

Under TYC juniors and seniors will pay the same tuition but earn academic credit for teaching other students. Students will need to teach four classes to graduate from the institution. “That will definitely make sure we’ve got enough kids to teach all the classes we need to, Garet explained. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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