The dB’s were one of the great power pop bands of late 70s and 80s. Originally from North Carolina, they were New York City-based. They put out a few outstanding albums that didn’t get anywhere near the attention they deserved (the first two, which were their best, were originally available in the States as imports only). In 2012, they released their first album in 25 years Falling Off the Sky, which, to my surprise and delight, is really, really good! In general I’m highly skeptical of reunion projects, which tend to be sad, lackluster affairs which only serve as a reminder that a band’s original magic is long gone.

The dB’s, though, are a band that still has some juice. I love the organ in this one, which is very Sir Douglas Quintet. One of the many virtues of early punk is that, after years of being mired in what a friend refers to as “Camaro butt rock,” which was monotonously guitar-centric, some of the punk bands had the good sense to restore the organ to pride of place as an instrument with some rock and roll ‘tude. See: the B-52’s, early Elvis Costello, the Human Switchboard.

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