The Monthly had a guest appearance on Chris Hayes’ new show last night, All In:

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If you can’t watch the clip, Chris mentioned Art Levine’s 2007 story about Dick Cheney’s son-in-law, Philip Perry, and his efforts on behalf of the chemical industry to beat back chemical plant regulations after 9/11, which is almost certainly part of the disaster we recently saw in West, Texas. Though of course we would have far preferred the regulatory apparatus finding these problems and fixing them before they led to disaster, this is the kind of reporting we strive for here at Monthly HQ.

Over the years we’ve had a string of foresighted predictions, from Gregg Easterbrook’s 1980 prediction that the space shuttle would be an expensive, dangerous boondoggle, to Byron Dorgan’s 1994 prediction that derivatives could blow up financial markets, to Ben Wallace-Wells’ 2004 prediction that a huge housing bubble would wreck the economy.

We’ve also made some spectacular flops, to be sure. But when we get it right, it makes all the long hours and low pay more than worth it. It’s a great honor to work here.

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