Well folks, today’s posting got strange in a hurry. Sometimes you have to go where the muse takes you. So here are some nice reads until Sam Knight takes over with some probably more-interesting stuff tomorrow.

1. Speaking of science fiction and economics, Noah Smith has compiled a great reading list on the subject.

2. Today’s must-read: Brad DeLong writes a clear and hilariously awesome account of why hedge funders hate Ben Bernanke, ‘the “Washington Super-Whale,” so much. “There is a reason that the trade of shorting the bonds of a sovereign issuer of a global reserve currency in a depressed economy is called ‘the widowmaker’.”

3. Britain’s Brezhnev-style capitalism.

4. Mike Konczal writes in defense of lefty wonkery.

5. Jon Chait argues that Jason Richwine’s toxic association has made immigration reform inevitable.

6. What’s it like to be ultra-wealthy?

And cloud chambers are cool:


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