Had a brief hiatus this morning to attend a WaMo conference call, but we’re about caught up with the usual schedule. Here are some mid-day news/views snacks I found in the freezer:

* Playing off a reference to Jack Hunter as a foreign policy advisor to Rand Paul in Stuart Reid’s new WaMo article on Paul, the Washington Free Beacon‘s Alana Goodman goes deep on Hunter’s vast and very public neo-Confederate history. Must be an interesting backstory there, eh?

* Looks like House Republicans are going to split SNAP from the Farm Bill in order to pass the latter, but it’s unclear how a Senate-House conference would work.

* As a sign of growing conservative solidarity, Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and National Review’s Rich Lowry pen joint op-ed calling for House rejection of the Senate immigration bill.

* Josh Marshall explores Arizona company supplying “paramilitary” security guards for Wisconsin mining company.

* Senate Dems let Marco Rubio know House abortion bill totally DOA in upper chamber.

And in non-political news:

* Church of England finally moving towards ordination of women as bishops, as U.S. Anglicans (Episcopalians) have been doing since 1989.

Just for grins, here’s another San Franciso song, with lyrics by Jack Kerouac (warning: there’s a bit of non-family-friendly language):

YouTube video

Back in a bit.

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