Helen Thomas, the former White House correspondent who was on the beat for five decades, passed away today at the age of 92.

I won’t be able to properly assess her legacy, being neither particularly knowledgeable about the White House press corps nor postwar feminism. However, it’s safe to say she did journalism and women a remarkable service.

Something to look for in tributes to her: whether or not they gloss over her Lebanese heritage — a fact that might have informed her tough questions about the Global War on Terror.

If it is discussed at all, sadly, it will probably be in reference to her comments about Israel that led to her forced retirement — not from journalism, but from the White House press corps.

Whatever the case, America lost a lion this morning — albeit one who led a complete and fulfilling life that deserves to be celebrated. Rest in peace.

Samuel Knight

Samuel Knight is a freelance journalist living in DC and a former intern at the Washington Monthly.