That’s it for today folks, I’ll see you tomorrow. In the meantime here are some reading materials from around the web:

1. China provides an object lesson in how environmental damage turns into economic damage.

2. “Scores” of demonstrators killed in Egypt. What a mess.

3. Greg Sargent is good on Republicans twisting themselves into knots trying to shift blame for their hostage-taking onto the president.

4. Even Wall Street prefers Janet Yellen for Fed chair, apparently. This makes some sense, actually, and I don’t think it should make people suspicious. Monetary tightening would tank the stock market and the labor market, and naturally you’d want to most pro-growth choice on offer.

5. Speaking of which, don’t miss Digby on the cloud of sexism around the Yellen/Summers debate.

6. An oldie but a goodie.

And here’s a cut off the Baths album from earlier this year:

YouTube video

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