On Wednesday at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting California Senator Diane Feinstein, who chairs the committee, was defending the National Security Agency’s infamous top secret spying program.

As Philip Bump first reported at the Atlantic, part of Feinstein’s presentation consisted of this map of terror activity disruptions.


Yup, 13 events in the Homeland. But the Homeland now seems to extend from the Artic Circle to the Colombian border. We also seem to have acquired Greenland.

What, are we the Holy Roman Empire here?

Raymond Kelly’s really going to have his work cut out for him.

It’s probably just a design glitch. Someone was working late and maybe thought no one would notice.

But then, it might also be a nifty little way of inflating the spying program’s importance. The terror threat sure looks serious if the Homeland includes territory affected by both Mexican drug gangs and Quebec separatists.

It makes all sorts of creepy spying look totally justified, doesn’t it? No wonder NSA needs to read our phone records and track all our online movements.

Does this mean we get Canada’s health care plan? [Image via]

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