Thanks for reading this weekend, folks. I hope to be back here again soon, and in the meantime, you can follow me here.

Here’s what I’m settling down to this afternoon:

* George Saunders’s commencement address, delivered at Syracuse earlier this summer.

* Edward Wong’s account of raising his child in polluted Beijing.

* This essay, published in May, arguing that Japan did not surrender to the Allies because of the nuclear bomb.

* A profile of my employer.

* Ariel Levy recreates the Steubenville case for The New Yorker this week.

* An Alabama coal baron is sued in connection to the killings of union leaders at one of his mines in Colombia.

* Teleportation is impossible, even if you only wanted to beam up your brain.

Until we meet again.

Max Ehrenfreund

Max Ehrenfreund is a former Monthly intern and a reporter at The Washington Post. Find him on Twitter: @MaxEhrenfreund