There’s an important point to be made about the NSA story, coming after the break. In the meantime here are some snippets from around the web.

1. Absolutely lovely piece about a “man’s man” raising a “gender creative” son and loving him unconditionally.

2. Yglesias notices that one JOBS picture everyone uses to illustrate new labor market news is actually of the US Chamber of Commerce.

3. Kevin Drum updates his monthly “new new jobs” chart.

4. Video of John McCain getting harangued by anti-Syria strike constituents.

5. Felix Salmon digs into the jobs report.

6. Paul Krugman on the staggering wasted economic potential of the Great Recession.

7. Charles Stross, “Panopticon Singularity.”

And the owner of the greatest hair in science talks the latest news on the heaviest element yet synthesized:

YouTube video

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