Confusion still reigns over Washington Navy Yard shootings. Police say seven are dead, including one shooter, but two other reported shooters have yet to be found. No word yet on motive. Stay tuned.

Here are some other midday news/views buffet items:

* UN inspectors reports strongly confirms deployment of weaponized sarin gas in Syria, but doesn’t identify perps (not their job).

* McCain admits he feels “lonely” in his let’s-have-a-war posture on Syria.

* Victor Davis Hanson pens classic of pretzel logic in opposing Syria intervention while blaming HRC for crisis. Predicts US will “barely” survive Obama and then resume Colossus of the World position. Just have to read it to believe it.

* Obama repeats pledge not to negotiate over terms of debt limit increase.

* At TAP, Amelia Thomson Deveaux reports on efforts to make Albuquerque first city to enact abortion restrictions by municipal ordinance, possibly creating model for antichoice activism in blue states.

And in sorta non-political news:

* Twitter explodes with nasty comments on Indian-American’s selection as Miss America.

Back after a lunch/chore break. Here’s another draft song, as recommended by commenter MuddyLee: the Flying Burrito Brothers with “My Uncle.”

YouTube video

UPDATE: Death toll at Navy Yard now up to 12.

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