Everybody, thanks so much for joining me this weekend, and particular thanks to those of you who contributed your comments. There was more than one good discussion, and earlier today, I got rightfully eviscerated by readers frustrated with me for failing to acknowledge the political realities of health care reform.

The weather is far too wonderful here in Washington to spend the evening indoors, but if it’s raining where you are, here are a few things I didn’t get to.

* In Fort Riley, the Army is preparing to deploy soldiers throughout Africa, where they’ll mainly be tasked with training with allied forces. Eventually, this strategy will be implemented globally.

* A surprising amount of modern science might simply be wrong.

* Alan Greenspan has written a book on the financial crisis.

Until next time.

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Max Ehrenfreund is a former Monthly intern and a reporter at The Washington Post. Find him on Twitter: @MaxEhrenfreund