Well, not the president. Just the Attorney General. And not actual impeachment; just a few radicals planning to introduce articles of impeachment today.

Ah, but this is as good an opportunity as any to admit I was pretty much dead wrong about this one. I thought someone would formally introduce articles of impeachment against Barack Obama long ago. Not that they would actually go ahead an impeach him.

I will note that my prediction wasn’t just “someone” — I picked Michele Bachmann. Which, granted, wasn’t really a wild stretch, but it turns out she’s one of the group gunning for Holder. So I’m not entirely, totally wrong. Just missed the target. And the date, by three years. And they’re not even picking a symbolic date, at least as far as I know. And she’s apparently not even the lead on it. So, really, well, that’s pretty bad predicting.

OK, as predictions go, this one wasn’t entirely, well, scientific. Just having a little fun. But, alas (or not I suppose), wrong.

Good predictions? As of today, that goes to correspondent Drew:

I’ll be the contrarian and say that none of them will, barring any significant crime (which I strongly doubt will happen).

A tentative congratulations to Drew. Nice work!

And congratulations, also tentative but so far, to the GOP House leadership for somehow keeping anyone from filing impeachment against the president.

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Jonathan Bernstein

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