Pardon me a moment folks while I gasp for air and choke down some grub. In the meantime here are some interesting clips from here and there:

1. Alan Rusbringer, editor of The Guardian, is going to be hauled before Parliament to answer questions as to whether the newspaper aided terrorism in its publication of the Snowden files. Ben Emmerson is appropriately outraged.

2. Ta-Nehisi takes on defenders of Alec Baldwin.

3. Ashok Rao re-conceptualizes inflation as a form of insurance.

4. Speaking of the shampoo economy, this old paper is always worth a close look, if you haven’t read it already.

5. Yichuan Wang looks at the counterfactual world where the Fed never did quantitative easing. Very probably, the results would have been awful.

6. Greg Sargent argues that, come election day next year, Obamacare could be a liability—for Republicans.

7. Jamelle Bouie shows what should be obvious, but apparently isn’t: racism is alive and well in this country.

And why avocados should be extinct by all rights:

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