That’s it for me for today, folks. Ed should be back on a limited basis tomorrow. I hope loyal Political Animal readers are keeping him and his family in their thoughts and prayers since the passing of his father yesterday. Ed has been a great friend, colleague and mentor to me, in addition to being a top-shelf writer; my heart goes out to his family.

Here are some snippets from around the web to keep things fresh until tomorrow morning.

1. Great piece in the NYT detailing the preposterous prices people sometimes pay for basic care. Three stitches: $2,229.11.

2. Andrew Sullivan gives Rush Limbaugh a hearty thrashing on Catholic doctrine. Theological T-ball, but fun nonetheless.

3. Nice catch from Martin Longman: apparently Chuck Shumer once offered to let Scott Brown keep his seat in exchange for supporting campaign finance reform??

4. Marcy Wheeler digs into the Alan Rusbridger story. Guardian-NYT communications have more in common with government surveillance agencies’ than you might suspect.

5. Dave Weigel weighs in on credulous reporting at Buzzfeed.

As one of my colleagues put it, ” ‘Too good to check’ used to be a warning to newspaper editors not to jump on bullshit stories. Now it’s a business model.”

6. Jon Chait keeps the pressure up on Mike Allen.

Finally, here’s a cover of Russ Barenberg’s “The Hymn of Ordinary Motion:”


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