Pardon me while I rustle up some grub. In the meantime, here is some assorted stuff from across the web.

1. Great listicle of Mandela quotes you probably won’t be seeing on Oprah.

2. Paul Krugman weighs in on President Obama’s big inequality speech. The verdict: pretty good!

3. Whoa.

4. Are GPS’s screwing up our mental mapping capacity? Personally, I try to use the map function on my phone more than the navigator.

5. Providing enough parking, like reducing traffic jams, is about controlling demand, not just mindlessly increasing supply. There just ain’t enough room for all those cars.

6. Kevin Drum weighs in on Bill de Blasio’s choice of Bill Bratton for NYPD head. The verdict: pretty good! (Certainly a low bar for improvement there.)

Finally, Hank Green has some good thoughts on the Hunger Games and inequality:

YouTube video

Back in a flash.

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