That’s it for us this Christmas Eve lite blogging day, as always, thanks for reading and commenting. Here are some snippets for Santa to read on his iPad while zipping around this evening:

1. Interesting bit of history: the FBI once thought It’s a Wonderful Life was communist propaganda. Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter!

2. Dan Amira imagines how today’s web publications would have covered the birth of Jesus.

3. EPI gives us some excellent charts to wrap up 2013 in economic policy.

4. Fine piece from Ed over at TPMCafe looking at the decline of right-wing Christianist politics.

5. On a similar note, Elizabeth Stoker looks at how conservative Christians insist not on religiously-motivated disapproval of homosexuality, but on vicious contempt of gay people.

That’s it for me, folks, and speaking of It’s a Wonderful Life, personally one of my favorite movies, here’s the whole thing!

YouTube video

Hope everyone has a good holiday.

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