That’s it for me today, as always folks, thanks for reading and commenting. Thanks to everyone who has contributed—and for those who haven’t, it’s not too late! Martin Longman will be blogging tomorrow. Until that time, here are some reads from around the web.

1. Fine essay from Josh Marshall about the rapid and accelerating victory of gay marriage across the nation.

2. CBS wins the coveted Media Matters misinformer of the year! Congrats to Lara Logan and her team.

3. Utilities are, unsurprisingly, attacking rooftop solar installations as a threat to their existence. Keep your eye on this one.

4. Occupy continues to pay quirkly little dividends, this time constructing portable micro-houses for the homeless.

5. George Zornick writes on a study about the dark money in climate change denial.

6. Old-timey roundup of the best blog posts of 2013. Some good ones in there!

7. Marvin the Paranoid Android meets 404 not found.

On Ed’s request, here is Hugh Laurie (!) doing a rendition of “Stagger Lee.” I can’t decide if this is an atrocity or not:

YouTube video


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