John McCain can’t catch a break. Even after he went on a local radio station and said that the president is far worse than Jimmy Carter in his foreign policy, he wound up getting rebuked by the Arizona Republican Party:

Delivering a strong rebuke to U.S. Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republicans passed a resolution to censure the one-time presidential nominee for what they characterize as a liberal record that has been “disastrous and harmful” to the state and nation.

While McCain is a political star on the national stage, for years he has had to contend with vocal critics in his home state, who accuse him of betraying the Grand Old Party’s principles.

Saturday’s censure came two weeks after the Maricopa County Republican Party passed a resolution to censure the senator on a 1,150-to-351 vote.

The state GOP party’s censure passed by acclamation, meaning by a voice vote. It has no practical effect, but serves as an attempt to embarrass the senator.

McCain and his office have not commented on the county censure although his supporters point to the party’s reputation for ultra-right partisanship. The senator’s office on Saturday declined comment on the state censure. McCain is considering seeking a sixth Senate term in 2016.

Former three-term U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., dismissed the anti-McCain resolution as “wacky.”

They’re mad that McCain supports immigration reform and didn’t support the government shutdown. I guess they don’t give him points for advocating war in every situation in every country on Earth.

In any case, John McCain is apparently insufficiently bloodthirsty and partisan to remain a Republican in good standing in his home state.

The press is going to need more time on the tire swing.

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