The University of Alabama’s student government, in an astounding display of cultural insensitivity, has decided it has no business reforming the Greek system despite the fact that it still seems to maintain essentially segregated fraternities and sororities.

According to an article in the Crimson White, the student newspaper at the University of Alabama:

At the final session of the 2013-14 SGA Senate, a proposed resolution in support for full integration of the University of Alabama Greek system was sent to committee instead of receiving a vote. As a result, the resolution died with the end of the Senate’s term.

Of the senators in attendance, 27 senators voted yes to keep the bill from being voted on, 5 no, and 2 voted present.

This comes because last summer Bama’s white sororities seem to have rejected two women because they were black.

As the article put it, the reason for the bill’s defeat (basically) may have been that the resolution was “too critical” of the Greek system. As Chisholm Allenlundy, who sponsored the resolution, put it:

“I think ultimately the reason that it failed to pass was it gave the impression, I think maybe, that – to a lot of the senators – that maybe we were attempting to disparage the Greek community, you know, which wasn’t the case,” Allenlundy said. “Ultimately, the resolution was to just encourage further integration based on diversity, specifically racial diversity on our campus, which I think a lot of people would agree with.”

So there will be no integrating the school’s Greek system. It will remain segregated. Seriously. In 2014.


This is the school that until 2010 had an “old south parade” (above) in which men wore confederate uniforms and women dressed in costumes inspired by 1860s fashion.

No, you have a huge race problem there guys.

About 12 percent of University of Alabama students are black. About 26 percent of Alabama’s total population is black.

When a sorority declines to pledge black people just because they’re black, this is exactly when you issue broad statements to “disparage the Greek community.” That’s because the Greek community is doing something very bad.

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Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer