Michael Lazin is annoyed that four presidents gathered in Austin to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and none of them ruined the ceremony by bringing up My Lai. Contrary to Lazin’s assertion, LBJ is a liberal hero. He’s also a liberal goat. That he is both at the same time is what makes him our most interesting president.

In Brazil, where abortions are illegal, the rape exception gives woman a perverse incentive to make false allegations of rape. This could catch on as a talking point among Todd Akin-types who oppose rape exceptions. But it’s actually a sick system that encourages people to lie. It’s also a demonstration that banning abortion doesn’t actually work.

The Nevada ranch stand-off with the Bureau of Land Management is getting the wingers all agitated. I hope they find a peaceful solution or we’ll never hear the end of it.

I doubt the NSA has enough credibility left to convince people that they didn’t know about the Heartbleed exploit for two years without warning anyone about it. But, they’re denying that the Bloomberg News report is true.

Over 400,000 Kentuckians now have health care that Mitch McConnell thinks they shouldn’t have. How’s that gonna play?

At Ten Miles Square, Keith Humphries continues our recent custom of Weekend Film Recommendations. This time, he’s chosen Where the Sidewalk Ends.

At College Guide, Robert Kelchen wonders whether or not college athletes should be allowed to be gainfully employed.

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