The U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team is still adjusting to the fact that Head Coach Juergen Klinsmann cut Landon Donovan from the World Cup roster.

The man who went on a shooting rampage last night at UC-Santa Barbara was a sexually-frustrated loser with ties to the Men’s Rights Movement.

Is it me, or has George Will descended into a cantankerous crank?

The Associated Press reports that “The Republican National Committee on Friday sued the Federal Election Commission for the ability to raise unlimited cash from individual donors.”

Is any one else disturbed that every time you visit The Hill you are bombarded with a Lockheed Martin pop-up advertisement? And what’s up with the new fad in pop-up ads that won’t close immediately when you click on the ‘x’? Even Daily Kos is annoying me with this new feature.

The Pentagon is closing a hotel, golf course, and skeet-shooting range as part of a more general downsizing of our European footprint. Who will save the Ukrainians?

Let’s have more John Prine for Memorial Day weekend.

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