It’s depressing that so many red state citizens tell pollsters that they oppose ObamaCare even as they report liking their state’s health exchanges. I suppose, however, that this is an area ripe for investigation by social scientists. They can discover exactly what the effect of the Republicans’ disinformation effort is on the populace by comparing those who oppose ObamaCare to those who support what ObamaCare actually does. It has long been noticed that most of the individual components of ObamaCare poll significantly better than the law as a whole, but this phenomenon of people liking ObamaCare unless you call it ObamaCare is somewhat new. It’s not quite the same as the deranged tendency of Tea Partiers to ask the government to keep its paws off their Medicare, but it’s similar in kind.

I can understand that hostility to the president translates to hostility to a law bearing his name, but there is something fundamentally ridiculous about the disconnect people are demonstrating between support for the law’s provisions and opposition to the law itself.

Martin Longman

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