I am willing to take up a collection to pay for uniforms, helmets, and weaponry for Fred Hiatt and the rest of the people serving on the Washington Post’s Editorial Board. I will even show up to bid them farewell as they embark on their deployments overseas in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. When they get there, they can send us dispatches about the progress they are making in defusing the conflicts between the “Islamists, secularists, military and other factions battling for control.”

We will wait with bated breath to hear how Hiatt and his band of happy warriors are ensuring that Afghan “girls can keep going to school” and bringing “peace to a dangerous world.”

Fred Hiatt actually accused the president of “cutting and running” from Afghanistan, despite the fact that we will have had troops there in every year of Obama’s presidency, and despite the fact that the conflict in Afghanistan is already the longest war in our country’s history.

After having advocated vociferously for the invasion of Iraq, you’d think that Hiatt would be willing to either enlist or shut his pie hole. Unlike John McCain, the Washington Post Editorial Board hasn’t served overseas and has not earned even the pretense of the right to advocate endless deployments for our service members.

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Martin Longman is the web editor for the Washington Monthly. See all his writing at ProgressPond.com