Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has a way of talking about the Affordable Care Act in a common sense manner that is hard to dispute. He’s been unflinching in his defense of the law and the good it is doing for his constituents, even in the face of widespread disapproval in his state for the president and “ObamaCare.” I think he’s put himself on the short list for vice-president, even though his politics are otherwise short of progressive. I love the way he goes after Mitch McConnell in his latest piece for the Huffington Post:

…if each of the over 421,000 people who signed up via “kynect” could grab 10 minutes of Sen. McConnell’s time to explain what health care coverage means for their families, and if the Senator had the endurance to listen 24/7, it would take eight years to hear from each enrollee.

That’s longer than the entire new Senate term he says he deserves.

I’d like to see them put that up as a ballot initiative: “Do you think Mitch McConnell should be forced to give ten minutes of time to every recipient of ObamaCare in the state, even if it takes him eight years of listening twenty-four hours a day?”

It’d be a good way to discover if McConnell has even an ounce of shame.

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