So there was conservative marriage-equality supporter Ted Olson, doing his usual avuncular shtick on the CBS program Face the Nation this morning, discussing his new book on the Proposition 8 fight:

YouTube video

Yes, Olson should be considered a hero for being one of the first conservatives to stand up for equal treatment for gays and lesbians. However, he should also be considered a villain for his shameless sucking up to Charles and David Koch. There’s no equality for anyone on a dead planet, and courageous behavior on one policy matter cannot obscure craven behavior on another.

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D.R. Tucker

D. R. Tucker is a Massachusetts-based journalist who has served as the weekend contributor for the Washington Monthly since May 2014. He has also written for the Huffington Post, the Washington Spectator, the Metrowest Daily News, investigative journalist Brad Friedman's Brad Blog and environmental journalist Peter Sinclair's Climate Crocks.