Aviva Shen at Think Progress points out that, overall, women will only benefit when the pill is made an over the counter drug if it continues to be fully covered on people’s health insurance. Otherwise, access will actually go down.

The Economist apologizes for publishing a ridiculous review of Edward Baptist’s “The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism.”

The most interesting thing about this tragic story about an elderly British woman being beheaded by a crazed stranger is how the police handled the suspect. Please note, they didn’t shoot him ten times and leave him lying in the street for four hours despite that fact the was clearly a major danger to both the public and the responding officers.

Hillary Clinton makes an announcement, of sorts. She’ll tell us if she’s running for president, but not until next year.

When it comes to Derek Jeter, people talk too much. Just enjoy the next few weeks and show some respect. No one could ever conduct themselves with more class than Derek Jeter.

I know what Lindy West is saying about Ricky Gervais.

At Ten Miles Square Johann Koehler has some weekend movie advice.

At College Guide Sara Neufeld writes about the lack preschool access for Latinos in Illinois.

Let’s have some more Specials.

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